Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine views you as a whole person and emphasizes health optimization. At Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, patient-focused nurse practitioner Miklos Major, ScD, DNP, NP-BC, is a functional medicine specialist who loves helping his patients reclaim their health and thrive in their lives. He’s currently seeing patients through telehealth, but when the Lewisville, Texas, Miami, Fl, Albuqueque, NM and Las Vegas, NV officeS opens in the coming months, he will also welcome patients there. Call Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, or book your telehealth appointment online now. 



Functional Medicine Q & A

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a medical approach that looks for the root causes of health problems and disease. It closely considers all of the factors that contribute to your health and wellness, including your genetics, lifestyle, and environment. 


How is functional medicine different from traditional medicine? 

Functional medicine is a holistic approach that looks at the whole patient, versus the traditional medicine approach of treating a patient like a collection of separate body systems.

The goal of functional medicine is to help you achieve bodywide balance and optimal health. It focuses heavily on highly personalized care and preventive health measures, while traditional medicine often just solves problems as they happen.


What does functional medicine include?

Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, offers personalized functional medicine for nearly any health needs, with a special focus on feeling, looking, and becoming your best as you age. Some of the most popular functional medicine services are:

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy optimizes your hormone levels based on your body’s specific needs. Your personalized hormone therapy regimen can relieve issues like mood swings, weight gain, and libido loss. 

Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, is mindful of hormone quality, so they use a compound pharmacy with a stellar reputation to ship your hormones to your home.  

The practice will also provide bioidentical hormone pellets when they open their new office. Pellets are inserted into the fatty layer of skin, and they gradually release the hormone over several months. 


Clinical peptides

Clinical peptides are some of nature’s most powerful substances. These amino acids can cause specific reactions in your body, like triggering more human growth hormone (hGH) production. This can boost energy, improve your sleep, and help you improve your health in many other specific ways.


Medical weight loss 

Medical weight loss gives you meal plans, food options, medications (pills and injections), Skinny Shots, and other methods of guiding you toward your goals. 


Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy

IV vitamin therapy uses customized combinations of vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances to treat problems like low energy, poor immunity, and headaches. Also, IV therapy can help you reach your health goals and optimize your wellness.  

Functional medicine is available through telehealth now, and will be available in the new office soon. Book an appointment online or call Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, today.

*Always discuss taking new supplements or discontinuing therapies with your Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, provider.