Clinical Peptides

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Clinical Peptides


Clinical peptides can naturally revitalize your body and mind when you’re feeling tired, dejected, or generally unhappy about aging. At Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, functional medicine nurse practitioner Miklos Major, ScD, DNP, NP-BC, specializes in helping patients effectively age in reverse. Clinical peptides can boost energy, revitalize your sex life, help with weight loss, and much more. Peptide therapy is available through telemedicine now, with prescription clinical peptides shipped to your door. Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, is soon establishing an office in Lewisville, Texas, and provides telehealth services in Miami, Albuqueque and Las Vegas. Call Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC,  or book your telehealth appointment using the online scheduler now.

Clinical Peptides Q & A

What are clinical peptides?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids, the molecules that make proteins. Peptide chains typically max out at 50 amino acids, while the average protein contains 50 or more. 

Because the chain is shorter and less dense, your body absorbs peptides more easily than proteins. 

Clinical peptides are proven to have therapeutic benefits — boosts in energy, weight loss, muscle growth, and improved libido, to name a few. 

Insulin was the first synthesized peptide, but today there are many other powerful clinical peptides available in oral and injectable forms. 


What types of clinical peptides are available?  

Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, offers a range of potent clinical peptides. 

One of the most popular peptides is sermorelin, which prompts your pituitary gland to make more human growth hormone (hGH). It can help improve bone density and rebuild muscle mass, as well as improving sleep, sex drive, and energy, and enhancing other aspects of general wellness. 

Essentially, sermorelin can help your body work more like it did when you were younger. Sermorelin can work on its own, but may be extra powerful in combination with other peptides, such as: 


  • CJC-1295: Boosts fat loss and muscle growth 
  • MK-677: Encourages fat loss and muscle growth
  • GHK-Cu: Helps with healing, hair growth, and skin rejuvenation
  • BPC-157: Improves muscle, tendon, and ligament healing

Each peptide has additional uses, and your provider can discuss your treatment goals with you to determine what peptides are best for you. 


How do I know if I need clinical peptides?

You might be a good candidate for peptide therapy if you’re experiencing problems such as:

  • Difficulty losing weight or stubborn fat deposits
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Low libido
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Decreased strength
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic inflammation-related pain, such as arthritis
  • Aging skin 
  • Thinning hair 
  • Sleep issues

Clinical peptides can have some amazing health benefits, but you should never try to self-diagnose. 

Your Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, provider can expertly evaluate your medical needs and recommend the clinical peptides that suit you best.

Apex Integrative Medicine, PLLC, is currently seeing patients via telemedicine, and a new office is coming soon. To get started on peptide therapy or learn more about it, call the office or click online booking now. 


*Peptide therapy is research-based but not yet FDA approved at this time.